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Applications of Equissage Pulse

The Niagara Equissage is an excellent tool for Warming Up your horses for training and competition as well and Warming Down after.



The Niagara Equissage is superb for Warming Up prior to training and competition. For the best results, use the Niagara Equissage Back Pad in the saddle position for 20 minutes prior to competition.

Use at level 4, this will stimulate and help loosen the horse to be ready for competition.


Warming Down

The Niagara Equissage is a fantastic tool for this process. Use the Back Pad at level 2-3 after competition for 30 minutes. This will relax the horse and help reduce the build up of lactic acid and the stiffening of muscles and joints.



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Equissage Pulse helps you maintain the condition and general health of your horse.

Equissage Pulse can handle a number of problems, for example:


• Kissing Spine  Learn more ...

• Joint arthrosis Learn more...

• Respiratory system

• Back problems Learn more ...

• Backhand problems

• Swollen legs Learn more ...

• Ligament and Tendon injuries

• Stress & nervousness


Equissage helps your horses in an extremely versatile, safe, reliable and easy way and accelerates the healing of most general ailments.


Equissage can help your horses:

• Improvement of local blood circulation

• Improvement of venous drainage

• Improvement of joint mobility

• Improvement of respiratory conditions

• Relaxation