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The different settings of the back pad

Along with the renowned delivery of standard Cycloid Vibration Therapy (CVT) that has been the core of the Equissage Pulse system, further refinements have been made with the introduction of the Relax and Strapping functionality to the entire range of Equissage Pulse devices. While still delivering all of the proven benefits of the standard CVT they also provide extra focus in areas of relaxation, rehabilitation, muscle stimulation and lymphatic drainage, whilst also having the ability to help build muscle definition.



Strapping is a variation the Equissage Pulse CVT that provided a deeper surging action that is best used when extra stimulation is required. By alternating the massage intensity from highest to lowest quickly the CVT has a deeper effect and promotes muscle stimulation and lymphatic drainage. Strapping works through muscle tissue and creates a subtle contraction and expansion of the muscle group. This is perfect for conditions that involve rehabilitation of muscles, ligaments and tendons. Strapping can also provide benefit as part of a
pre-race conditioning and warm up routine.



The Equissage Pulse Relaxation setting produces slow moving, almost hypnotic rhythmical waves of CVT. Moving the massage intensity from highest to lowest setting via a unique undulation, this helps in achieving the ultimate peace, by producing a hypnotic effect on the nervous system. A similar principle to rocking a baby to sleep; this new setting was developed with the aim of complete rest in mind. Equissage Pulse has taken this unique and effective therapy and refined it for the use with horses and animals the world over.



“Strapping” switches between bottom speed and selected speed in a square wave (step) mode.

“Relaxing” does the same thing but in a more relaxed wave.