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How does Equisssage Pulse work?

Niagara Equissage delivers gentle but very deeply penetrating cycloidal (three-way) vibrations to the whole body, which have been scientifically proven to improve local blood circulation lymphatic drainage, joint mobility and relaxation. All of these improvements are beneficial for your horse’s performance, health and recovery from injuries and other conditions.


This thermography shows how Niagara Equissage  increases the blood flow in a horse with poor circulation.



First Photo Row: Horse Before Niagara Equissage Treatment. Blue/Green indicates areas of poor circulation.

Second Photo Row: 5 Minutes After Niagara Equissage Treatment. Yellow/Red indicates improved circulation.

Third Photo Row: 5 Hours After Niagara Equissage Treatment. Shows continued improved circulation.



The upper figure shows the three-dimensional, circular movements caused by cycloid vibrations.


The lower figure shows the transverse 3D motions in a circular wave. A circular wave is a moving wave which consists of vibrations which occur perpendicularly or at right angles to the direction of the energy transfer.



The Equissage Pulse handset should always be used together with the Equissage Pulse back pad, since treatment with the handset is much more effective when the lymph system of the horse is already stimulated by the Equissage Pulse back pad. Please do not use the hand tool together with chemical products to avoid damaging the plastic housing.



With Equissage Pulse the entire body of your horse is effectively treated with cycloid (3D) vibrations. According to scientific findings, this leads to an improvement in local blood circulation, lymph drainage, muscle relaxation and mobility of the joints. They can use the system both for the active treatment of specific problems as well as for maintaining the condition and general health condition.



"Cycloid" vibrations are a mechanical form of oscillating vibrations that produce a three-dimensional motion of varying intensity, which runs along, vertically and transversely to the vibrating surface. The frequency range is between 5 Hz and 105 Hz.


The amplitude range is between 0.02 mm and 1.4 mm.


The special eccentric motor - similar to a gyroscope - An elliptical motion. As a result, cycloid vibrations are generated with a three-directional multidirectional wave which moves simultaneously in the north / south, east / west and circular directions. The result is a gentle yet deeply effective massage with numerous therapeutic benefits and without known harmful side effects.


Please note that the Equissage Pulse is not a medical treatment. However, the use of the Equissage Pulse handheld in combination with the Equissage Pulse Backpad can significantly accelerate healing processes, avoid injuries, and help improve your horse's performance. We recommend that you consult your veterinarian prior to use of Equissage Pulse in combination with other therapeutic measures or treatments.